Chakras 101

The Seven Chakras, spiritually refers to our Seven Energy Centers in our bodies that keep us balanced and regulated mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In Asian medicine & martial arts it is also referred to as our Qi (Chi), our vital life force with which our energy flows. Scientifically speaking they could represent the Seven Systems in our body - Neuro (Crown, 3rd Eye), Respiratory (Throat), Circulatory & Immune (Heart), Digestive (Solar Plexus), Reproductive (Sacral), Nervous (Root Chakra). Biologically speaking, the overall regulation of these systems are maintained through homeostasis via our Endocannabinoid System. We have cannabinoids in our bodies, which I like to call “marbles”. When we experience any significant blow to these systems we develop and store trauma within these systems, thus knocking us out of balance or “losing our marbles.” Therefore, we may seek things outside of us to replace our marbles and replenish our bodies of the deficiencies we may have lost. For example, if we’ve experienced heartbreak/disappointment/grief we may overindulge in food, sex, exercise, giving, drinking, etc. to release the chemicals (seratonin, dopamine) we need to feel good or to extract what we need (vitamins, minerals) to replenish. Depending on what you seek or don’t seek out to ease the pain/trauma in your heart could later manifest into minor or major heart conditions. 

Learning about your Chakras or your inner life force teaches you to go within yourself to identify and release the stored trauma. As you learn to balance your seven systems, you organically learn natural ways to release the chemicals and receive the vitamins and minerals your body needs to balance or re-regulate (or continue homeostasis). Holistically, yoga, meditation with stones & crystals, ayurvedic eating, veganism, regular exercise & vitamin intake, self-care, therapy, CBD, and all of your favorite things that are for your highest good, in moderation of course, should do the trick! Whatever you choose to believe or whatever method you choose to use, I wish you deep healing on your journey.

*This description is based off of my personal life experiences and facts from personal research I’ve done to aid me along my healing journey. Additional research is always encouraged**