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The She Healz Foundation

Introducing The She Healz Foundation with the mission to help people who are in need of holistic resources & interested in beginning an uncanny career or a possibly “taboo” healing journey. There are 3 programs; Beatz Yoga for ultimate healing, Adulting 101 for life's transitions, & Rhythm & Schools for college/career advising. Some of the services in these programs are also available a la carte, click below to learn more!

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The Seven Chakras

There's a stone for each chakra so why not have a collection for each one as well - check out the chakra collections & more by clicking here

Spiritual Consultation

Looking for spiritual guidance? Book a reading today - you'll receive intuitive recommendations based on any blockages or opportunities for growth found during the session. The session is done with either affirmation, chakra, scripture, oracle romance, crystal card decks, or combination of all; Tarot cards are only used as requested.

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