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DJ she Beatz has been DJing professionally for 7 years locally and nationally including tours, festivals, & community events. She has performed in major cities including Las Vegas, New York, Dallas, ATL, Chicago, and many other premiere cities. Some of her exclusive bookings include Nike, opening for Dillon Francis, Whitaker Festival at MOBOT, Wine Fest ATL, Tues Blend: Las Vegas, & many private industry events by entrepreneurs, corporations, & nonprofits. 
She Beatz is a pioneer in her city, trail blazing her own lane where music meets philanthropy. She uses her platform to promote local resources, artists, & do gooders. As a result, She created Underground Beatz, a YouTube series & a resource fair, #HEALSTL, to highlight the overlooked, under sourced, & under served in STL arts, education, & wellness. She has made history in her city by shaking up the infrastructure in the way that her brand & events are curated, promoted, and run. She is known for teaching yoga for free, giving space to vendors/artists, & curating/playing affordable or free events, prompting a wave of philanthropy amongst the DJ communities in STL. 
She single handedly changed the STL female DJ aesthetic with her feminine aura & her earthy hip hop Aaliyah inspired style - her signature crop tops/under boob, always flashing a smile and peace sign since she began. She also changed the sound of STL DJing, mastering the art of transition and primarily using turntables when she 1st began. DJ she Beatz also has made history by being independent, young, female, hetero, & black and breaking into many venues/spaces in St. Louis including debuting the 1st FM radio show of its kind, with a holistic theme and spiritual content on STL'S premier community radio station 88.1 KDHX.
You can NOW listen to her new podcast on Spotify, The She Healz Show. She also has a 10+ year background as a communication/media relations professional and a community outreach specialist. She Beatz is a hidden gem that blossomed into a lotus amid the adversity that is her city. She grew through it all and has devoted her life to her purpose of guiding others through it all...
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