Meet She


I am She Healz! She Healz was born out of my original brand, DJ she Beatz. I decided to use 'she' because honestly women can never get enough credit for being trailblazers and breaking glass ceilings. I feel like no matter how many ventures I decide to do under the brand "she", the point is that "she does it all." I got this LLC in April 2020 totally unsure of what was to come of it and here I am literally a year later launching the online store.

I was thrusted into a deep dive of spirituality, religion, quantum physics, & yogic principles over the years with the sole mission of healing and loving myself more. Within this journey, I learned that I had several gifts involving my intuition and my aura (healer/nurturer). I also soon realized that pretty much my whole life, people around me had been taking advantage of these aspects of me without giving anything back. Like most unaware empaths, I was codependent, a fixer, and a people pleaser. Once I became aware of this in its entirety, I decided to use my gifts on my own terms and never allow anyone to steal my energy or inadvertently benefit from my aura ever again. 

But I STILL WANTED TO HELP! So I came up with the bright idea of opening a holistic wellness supply store. I have plans way beyond the store; I want to offer and hold space to those who are awakening or would like to. I want to teach the community about so much and so many ways to heal themselves so that they can get into their life purpose and experience what I feel everyday.

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