Smudging 101

So you want to clear out some negative vibes, huh? Thank you for choosing She Healz to help! Smudging is an ancient practice of our ancestors and ascended masters to cleanse and purify during times of transformation and rebirth. Sage was used to clear a path for intuitive messages and divine conversations with God/Source/Universe. Palo Santos is referred to as Holy Wood as it was used specifically for protection and to remove negative energies. Scientifically speaking, they both remove 99.9% of bacteria in a room, Sage essentially wiping out and resetting energy while Palo removes negativity and rebalances. The act of lighting the Sage or Palo Santos and walking around with the intention to cleanse is called Smudging, learn how in 3 easy steps below:

  1. Light your sage/palo on the end with the least sticks to prevent delayed burn or quick burnout.
  2. Set your intentions as you light the sage/palo to yourself or out loud, you can say something like, “I light this with the intention to cleanse and purify myself and my environment.” OR “Negativity GTFO, YOU are NOT welcome!” - whatever your vibe.
  3. Once you’ve saged/palo’d each desired area, sit your sage/palo safely in an ashtray or a smudge bowl and allow it to go out on its own. THAT’S IT!