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The She Healz Center takes a holistic approach in essentially helping one to establish a foundation spiritually while guiding them to ways to establish that same foundation physically - ultimately, assisting with finding their purpose.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of The She Healz Center is to act as a liaison between stellar opportunities to heal as a person and grow as a professional. The mission is to build a pipeline to arts, education, and wellness by acting as a resource hub for the community and serving as a recruiter for community-based organizations and elite programs while being a pioneer of new opportunities that helps people find their purpose. 

Programs & Services

There are 3 programs:

@Beatz Yoga STL

  • Offering free and affordable yoga classes and wellness workshops throughout the community in unique, hidden, or resourceful spaces to simply inspire & motivate. The purpose is to reveal that peace can be found anywhere and that its essentially within & around you; because sometimes the hardest place to find peace is where home is.
  • Includes spiritual consultation, yoga, workshops, & resources aligned with goals; Access to resources to learn how to become a yoga instructor, holistic practitioner, or any other related profession.

    @Adulting 101

    • Holistic life coaching that consists of spiritual consultation to customize the best options and resources available to assist.
    • Includes holistic consultation, workshops, yoga, & resources aligned with goals. Possible resources include: Buying/Renting, Car/Home, Moving Out/Homeless, Bills, Mental Health, Domestic Issues, Homemaking - #adulting.
    @Rhythm & Schools
    • Our holistic college & career prep program for people interested in a career in the liberal arts either as an entrepreneur or in your ideal role. This program provides holistic consultation and career exploration to customize a plan of action towards short term and long term career goals. We will act as your career or college advisor, guiding and planning, as you navigate through any processes. 
    • Includes yoga, workshops, & resources aligned with goals. Possible careers include: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Graphic/Fashion Design, Arts Administration/Curation, Events, Music, etc.

    Program Requirements:

    Our programs are available to all people of all kinds, however, admission is based on: 

    • Income: If you or your family makes less than $20,000/yr you will qualify for all programs for FREE or at a discounted price. If not, there will be a monthly fee. (Some services are available a la carte, see below)
    • Age: You must be at least 16 yrs of age to be eligible for some of the resources and opportunities available, excluding free public yoga.
    • Energy: There will be a brief application & interview process to assess who you are, where you’ve been, and where you would like to go as well as your intentions for being in the program. *Resume & Proof of Income must be submitted

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    A La Carte Services include:

    *Program Purchases are made in person following interview* 

    *Bring Proof of Income to Interview*


    Do You Feel You Could Be A Resource?

    We're looking for organizations to essentially be the possible resource or experience needed for our members to thrive. A sponsorship would consist of either funding a space for our programs to operate or funding one of our programs to be provided FREE to the public in a space that suits both organization and community needs. A partnership would consist of taking the role as a “house resource” for our clients which could include mentorship/internship, free or discounted access to events/activities or collaborating on exclusive programming to fulfill common goals of both organizations & the community. Our goal is to partner with as many organizations in the community so that they may serve as a resource at their full capacity.

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